About Us

CPW World is recognized as a startup in India; quickly pacing up to be one of the top local marketplaces. We help users find local services by helping individual professionals, agencies, businesses and institutions promote themselves. Our customers can hire trusted professionals to meet their needs. We act as a medium for service providers to make a difference in the lives of people. We aim to help cater to our users service needs by connecting them with numerous choices and get instant replies.Be it searching for a day care centre, getting an annual health checkup, getting a plumbing job done, we are a one destination for your needs. For service providers, it is a great opportunity to connect with your customers.

‘Behind every successful man is a woman’. But who  is the support behind the success of a housewife or a mother? How about astudent excelling in studies? Or a person staying away from home or even any underprivileged youth managing life?We require each other’s assistance at some point in life. CPW World makes our search for assistance easier. We get your simple daily life to move on smoothly by connecting you with the right people.

Our needs are of the various kinds. We could require a doctor for a special child, a find home tutor to provide additional coaching, acounsellor to guide our children.  Stepping into the professional world, we’ll require personality grooming, a home - made meal when in a new city, or maybe repairing appliances at home. To live in harmony, we need help. Our search for helpers get better when all can be found on one marketplace.

Women can transform their life by acquiring a skilful job or sharing their talent with the needy ones. We encourage women to be entrepreneurs. Any woman with a burning desire to help others so that they could make their life better is most welcomed. Let’s come together to help less fortunate women who are equally skilled in providing them a business opportunity.There’s nothing more emotionally satisfying than providing assistance to the needy.

Such a case happened when two young ladies, bubbling with enthusiasm collaborated. They wanted to do something unique, and at the same time, manage their dailyr outine. What better way to make life more meaningful and satisfying than helping other women be their own boss! This driving force led to the concept of launching a simple connecting platform. They create a medium wherein a user can get help at the click of a button on day-to-day activities.

Our founders hail from the simple homes. Both have faced immense struggles to achieve their growth in their professional or personal lives. They dreamed of helping women to reach their potential to do their bit of making a difference. Not only do ou those founders help women but also underprivileged in India who struggle to create anidentity of their own.