Be independent with your own company

Connect People Work is the platform to unite investors and all women entrepreneurs. Our concept is simple - ideas should never stop because of lack of financing. 90% of ideas remain an idea without being executed because of inadequate funds to initiate a business. We support women who require capital for their business project or need to develop their existing business. From the smallest business like setting up a neighborhood shop to an MNC, post your ideas to get visibility. If you have a solid business strategy and you require investors to make your dream a reality; this platform is for you.

Simply provide basic information about your project. Share your ideas very briefly. Our platform is the right place to post your story to the world. Local and international investors may browse through your project. Through us, you might get potential investors to contact you directly. We are an open-source platform where all investors around the world can browse your ideas and reach you directly. We will market your business plans. We will help you tell your story to the world and increase your chances of getting funding for your startup. You may get feedback which will assist you to enhance your execution strategy and sharpen your vision.

You can explain your detailed business proposal at a personal meeting with the interested investor if you wish. We have no limitations on how much information you wish to post on our platform. Kindly remember, the more details you share about your business, the more opportunities you get to impress investors. We verify all entrepreneurs to ensure you are interacting with the right person.